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City of Clemson Comprehensive Plan

"South Carolina state law requires that all jurisdictions engaged in local planning and land use regulation comply with the requirements of Title 6 Chapter 29 of the South Carolina Code of Laws (the South Carolina Comprehensive Enabling Act of 1994). One of the main requirements of this legislation is that each community adopts a comprehensive plan. This plan, although not in itself regulatory, serves as a roadmap for the city to use in decision making.  All comprehensive plans in the state must be updated no later than every 10 years, and be reviewed no later than   every 5 years. It should be noted that these deadlines are the maximum time limits, so plans can be reviewed and amended earlier if desired, but proposed change to a document is subject to all of the requirements established for the adoption of a complete plan. 

In 2004, the City of Clemson Comprehensive Plan 2014 was adopted. This plan was updated in 2009. In December of 2014, the City adopted a new Comprehensive Plan for 2014  - 2024. In December of 2019, Council approved an updated version of the Comprehensive Plan.

See below for a current copy of the Comprehensive Plan 

Click here for Current Planning, GIS/Mapping, and Long Term Planning.

The City of Clemson Comprehensive Plan 2024 was adopted in 2014, and reviewed and updated in 2019.  Click on the links below to access the current versions of the plan elements.

Chapter 1 - Introduction and Executive Summaries
Chapter 2: Citizen Participation
Chapter 3: Population Element
Chapter 4: Economic Element
Chapter 5: Cultural Resources Element
Chapter 6: Housing Element
Chapter 7: Natural Resources Element
Chapter 8: Transportation Element
Chapter 9: Town & Gown Element
Chapter 10: Community Facility Element
Chapter 11: Priority Investment Element
Chapter 12: Land Use Element
Appendix A: Citywide Survey

Other Plans and Documents referenced in the Comp Plan
Parks and Recreation Master Plan_June 2012
Priority Issues Survey Final Results_Feb 1 2019
19_0513_Downtown MP Preliminary Proposal
Master Document Bikeways DRAFT 7-15-2015
Sidewalk-Bike-Trail Plan
Stormwater Design Manual Sept_ 2017
Stormwater Management Plan

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