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Zoning Ordinance FAQs


How is a standard or code adopted?

  • A proposed standard or code is typically considered as an amendment to the City Code, and may be introduced by a member of the Planning Commission or City Council, or any City resident.
  • Standards/codes within the Planning Commission’s scope of authority are subject to their review prior to the submission of their recommendation to City Council; other matters are typically introduced to, and considered solely by, Council.
  • The public is provided an opportunity to review and comment on all proposed changes to standards/codes; typically, proposed changes are presented on the agenda of at least one publicized public session prior to being voted on by the Planning Commission.
  • Subsequent to the Planning Commission vote, the proposal is presented to City Council, who schedules and conducts a formal public hearing to obtain public input on the matter. Although not always deemed necessary, Council may hold one or more additional public hearings prior to voting on a proposal. It should be noted that a public hearing is a governed by state requirements
  • After receiving public input,  on a proposed change, City Council may utilize additional public hearings (if deemed necessary or appropriate) and holds 2 readings of the proposed code to debate the issues, makes revisions, and then vote the codes in or out.
  • State law requires any proposed standard/code being considered by City Council to be presented and voted on at no less than two public Readings.  

Once a standard/code  is adopted, the role of City staff is to implement or enforce it. It should be noted that City staff cannot change or in any manner alter what was adopted by City Council.  


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