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Clemson City Council

City Council is composed on seven elected officials: six council members and one mayor. Members of council are elected by the community at-large for a term of four years, with terms staggered so that one half of the membership is elected every two years. Members take their seats and the Oath of Office at the first January council meeting; members will also elect a Mayor Pro tempore (to a two year term). The mayor pro tem will be vested with all powers of the mayor in the event of his/her temporary absence or disability or unexpected vacancy of the seat. Council members must attend all regular and special meetings of City Council, except when excused by Council itself. Regular City Council meetings are typically scheduled for the first and third Monday of each month.

The city council holds the power to may make, ordain, and establish rules, bylaws, regulations, and ordinances – not inconsistent with the laws of the state – respecting the roads, streets, markets, police, health, and order of the city or respecting any subject deemed necessary and proper for the security, welfare, and convenience of the city or for preserving health, peace, order, and good government within the city. Council may fix fines and penalties for the violation thereof, as authorized by law. Council does not hold the authority to repeal the laws, rules, and regulations established by the state or county.

More detailed information regarding City Council may be found in Chapter 2, Article II of the City’s Code of Ordinances.

Click here for a current roster of City Council members.

City of Clemson Council Meetings