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Season Schedule

The Department of Public Works will strive to keep you informed of our monthly schedules and services.  Please choose a particular Seasonal Schedule for more details, or call (864) 653-2053.

  • Leaf Pickup Schedule
  • Mosquito Fogging

Leaf Pick-up Schedule

NOTICE: When leaf season begins, the leaves will be picked up by the leaf vacuum truck starting sometime in October. The leaf vacuum truck will be in service until the end of the February or as determined by the Supervisor. During leaf season (October to February), follow the below instructions for more efficient collection. 

  • Leaves should be raked/blown within 10 feet of the street. Long rows are better than large piles.
  • Loose leaves will be picked up quicker than bagged leaves. If you bag your leaves, the vacuum truck will not pick them up. You will have to wait for the brush crew to get them.
  • Please do not mix your leaves with brush, junk, or any other materials.
  • Please do not pile your leaves around power poles, telephone and cable pedestals, or over water meters or sewer manholes. The machine will suck the lids off and damage the machine.
  • In the beginning we will move quickly around the City, but as the leaves begin to accumulate, it will take longer to get around. Please be patient and we will get to you as quickly as possible. Please try to get your leaves out early so that as we come through your neighborhood we will get them the first or second time through.

Many persons use "pulverized leaf material" for mulch/ground cover around trees, flowers beds and garden areas. If you would like this material dumped in your yard, please call (864) 653-2053


Mosquito Fogging City of Clemson, SC

2020 Mosquito Fogging Schedule

If you have any questions regarding this schedule, contact Mitchell Swaney at 653-2047.

Practical solutions in order to reduce the need for pesticide spraying:

  1.  Keep gutters free of debris to eliminate standing water.
  2. Drain or fill low places where water stand on property.
  3. Turn over containers on property to reduce standing water and possible mosquito breeding sites.
  4. Dispose of old tires properly which are prime breeding areas.
  5. Keep swimming pool pumps operating and pools chemically balanced to reduce area for mosquitos or encourage property owners to drain pools not in use, and other similar practices.

For information regarding Biomist 3+15 ULV Insecticide, click here.

For information regarding the SC Mosquito Control Association, click here.

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