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City of Clemson Business License Application 

(864) 624-1147

On-Line Business License (For Annual Renewals, New Business Licenses, and Upgrades to Existing Business Licenses)

Business License Application (Download Only)

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Standardized Business License Application

Standardized Business License Application (only contractors working at multiple locations in SC)

For a business owner, few things can be more frustrating than paperwork, and sometimes government paperwork can become an impediment to getting a job done, especially in the arena of business licensing. Transient businesses often find themselves completing a different business license application in every jurisdiction where they do work. In an effort to reduce paperwork for these businesses, the Municipal Association of South Carolina developed a standardized business license form. Businesses can complete the application once, make copies of it, and submit it in multiple jurisdictions.

Clemson is one of over 100 South Carolina cities and towns who has adopted the standardized business license application to help reduce paperwork complexity. (Click here for the latest updated list of participating municipalities). While the application is targeted to transient businesses that work in multiple cities and counties, Clemson will accept this application from any business. The City of Clemson will continue to accept its existing license application as well.

This is an effort by the City of Clemson to be more business friendly. Clemson worked with the Municipal Association of SC, the SC Business Licensing Officials Association, the state Chamber of Commerce, and a number of other local chambers of commerce and business organizations to create this standardized business license application. This new application is specifically targeted to help transient businesses like contractors, landscapers, and caterers that work in multiple government jurisdictions.

To download a copy of the standardized business license application, click here


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