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JCUAB Work Groups Goals and Objectives

Public Safety

  • Install wayfinding signs
  • Ensure ride-share safety (Ordinace establishing pick-up/drop-off location approved by Council in December 2019.)
  • Establish joint consolidated dispatch
  • Establish public safety training facility

Public Works

  • Address bottleneck issue at intersection of Old Stone Church and Cherry roads
  • Establish permanent site for Spring Break rowing program
  • Develop long-term comprehensive transit and traffic plan


  • Gather data, i.e. number of beds needed versus available in town and on campus, needs of non-students, SWU and TCTC impacts, and how similar areas have handled growing pains (Analyzing process ongoing.)
  • Work to enhance community relations by integrating students and communities, possible community liason at the University 
  • Explore possibility of community housing foundation to assist those who want to live in or near Clemson but cannot afford to

Transportation and Parking

  • Expand CATbus ridership and routes to reduce cars on the roads
  • Incentivize students who utilize CATbus
  • Consider park and ride lots and an on-campus parking deck

Humanities, Arts, and Recreation

  • Create large-scale, city wide summer event
  • Create and promote biking and walking trails
  • Develop programs with local museums and arts programs
  • Create a calendar for City and University athletics
  • Seek to host athletic championships 
  • Create or support downtown festivals and fireworks shows
  • Create walking tour of art and historical locations between University campus and Downtown Clemson
  • Expand University International Festival into downtown

Economic Development

  • Develop a plan to incentivize filling currently empty and future commercial space in Clemson
  • Report services and amenities community is looking for
  • Start a dialogue with merchants and the business community to identify how the City and University can better support our local businesses. (Let’s Talk Meeting scheduled for January 27th)


  • Develop contact lists of key departments/individuals for the City and the University (City complete, University in progress)
  • Advertise events and resourses within and between entities, possibly through use of a community calendar system
  • Ultimately streamline event notifications between entities