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Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee is a seven member volunteer board appointed by Council to three year terms. This board serves in an advisory role to the Parks and Recreation Director and to City Council.

The responsibilities of the Committee include:

  • Review, research as needed, and advise and provide suggestions to the Director of the Parks and Recreation Department and/or to City Council, at least annually, regarding:
    • Current events, activities, leagues, lessons, and other program offerings;
    • Current facilities, equipment, and supplies;
    • Fiscal year-end statistics on the use of facilities and participation in programs;
    • Long-range and/or master plans for future Parks and Recreation activities and facilities;
    • Other future leisure and recreation activities and programs;
    • Continued incorporation of and coordination with other entities and/or City Departments/Boards/Committees in joint programming,
    • The Department’s proposed fiscal year budget and income projections prior to its submission to Council; and,
    • Other matters as approved or assigned by the Director or by City Council.
  • Assist and advise staff in identifying potential volunteers, coaches, and sponsors for programs and activities;
  • Provide a report of the Committee’s activities to Council at least once annually or at any time upon request of Council; and,
  • Provide feedback on the performance of the Director to the City Administrator prior to the Director’s annual performance evaluation.

More detailed information regarding the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee may be found in Chapter 14, Article I of the City’s Code of Ordinances.

Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee Meetings