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City of Clemson 2024 Comprehensive Plan Update

The City of Clemson is required by law - and motivated by common sense - to have a Comprehensive Plan. Our current plan was adopted in December of 2014 and was the culmination of hundreds of hours of volunteer and staff time. The State also requires the plan to be reviewed and, if need be, updated no later than every five years. That means we need to complete the review and adopt any updates by the end of 2019.

In order to honor the hard work done to create the 2024 Comp Plan and to jumpstart the update process, a group of citizens, Council members, staff, and members of our Boards and Commissions recently spent seven (7) months reviewing the current Comprehensive Plan and evaluating where we have a done a good job and where more work needs to be done. The results of this committee work were presented to City Council September 26th, 2018 at City Hall.

After the initial review was complete, we began the process of reviewing the plan to see what, if any, updates were in order. The City will be hosting several rounds of drop-in meetings intended to provide opportunities for the public to take part. (This update schedule is included in the links below.) The City also accepted ideas and suggestions by e-mail. After these meetings, the Planning Commission held a series of workshops to complete the updating process. The Planning Commission passed a resolution recommending adoption of the Comp Plan updates on October 28th, 2019 and held a workshop with Council on November 11th, 2019.

You can view latest versions of the documents by clicking on the following links:

Complete 2024 Comp Plan Draft Document (10-16-19)

Comp Plan Update 2019 Preamble and Summaries

Chapter 1- Intro and Overview (Update 10-16-19)

Chapter 2-  Citizen Participation (Update 10-16-19)

Chapter 3-  Population (Update 10-16-19)

Chapter 4-  Economic Development  (Update 10-16-19)

Chapter 5- Cultural Resources (Update 10-16-19)

Chapter 6- Housing (Update 10-16-19)

Chapter 7- Natural Resources (Update  10-16-19)

Chapter 8- Transportation (Update 10-16-19)

Chapter 9- Town and Gown  (Update 11-20-19)

Chapter 10 - Community Facilities Element (Update 10-16-19)

Chapter 11-  Priority Investment (Update  10-16-19)

Chapter 12- Land Use Element  (Update 10-16-19)

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