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The JCUAB Off-Campus Living Guide

Clemson's Joint City-University Advisory Board produced an Off Campus Living Guide to help ensure a smooth transition from college, campus-life into community, residential living. The publication is designed to inform, educate, and prepare students for one of life’s biggest moves. In essence, the publication is geared to "Educate Before it's Too Late!"

The Off Campus Living Guide includes information such as: comparing apartments and how to choose the perfect place, considering a lease - things to think about before signing on the dotted line, and good neighbor etiquette - how to fit into your community. Other items include city and university maps, a budget worksheet, helpful links and websites, and rental housing codes/ordinances. The Guide was not only designed with students in mind, but, in fact, many of the topics were submitted or suggested by students at the 2011 Clemson University Housing Fair. Local property managers will also benefit from this publication as tenants will have the ability to research the move before getting in over their heads.The Joint City-University Advisory Board had previously produced a similar publication, the Michelin Guide, which was designed to generate visitors and tourism into Clemson. This Living Guide (updated in 2017) is more specific to life off-campus.