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Permits and Forms

Effective January 1, 2020
The Planning and Codes Administration will no longer accept Permit Applications after 4:30 p.m.  They will need to be submitted the next business day.

Applications and Fees
Residential Permit Application
Residential Checklist for Issuing a CO
Commercial Permit Application
Grading Permit Application
Owner/Builder Form
Contractor Authorization Form
Building Permit Sub List
Energy Conservation Code Certificate
Zoning Permit Application
Application for Home Occupation
Tent Application
Rental Housing Application
Short Term Rental Registration
Permit Fee Schedule
Non-Building Permit Fee Schedule
Food Truck Operation Permit Application

Board of Architectural Review Forms
Board of Architectural Review Agenda Application
Board of Architectural Review Variance Application
Board of Architectural Review Appeal Application
Board of Architectural Review Public Input Sign-up Form

Board of Zoning Appeals Forms
Board of Zoning Appeals Variance Application
Board of Zoning Appeals Notice of Appeal Application
Board of Zoning Appeals Requests for Special Exceptions

Planning Commission Forms
Rezoning Application
Minor Subdivision Request: Four Lots or Less
Major Subdivision Request: Five Lots or More
PD Form 1: Planned Development Application - Planning Commission Workshop
PD Form 2: Planned Development Application - Informal Public Meeting
PD Form 3: Planned Development Application - Zoning Map Amendment
Notice of Appeals
Land Development Variance Application
Simple Lot Subdivision Application

Building and Fire Board of Appeals Form
Notice of Appeals from Action of the Building Official

Boards and Commissions Meetings Schedule
2022 Schedule