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ClemsonNext Logo

In response to concerns about the rapid development of high-density and student-oriented multifamily housing, the Clemson City Council established a moratorium—effectively a pause—on all new multifamily developments of 200 beds or more.

ClemsonNEXT is the City of Clemson’s effort to address this growth and its impacts with a strategic plan for development.

A strategic plan is a process to help an organization adapt to changing circumstances, and identify how best to use the resources at its disposal into the future.

Every strategic plan is focused on a key set of issues. ClemsonNEXT will focus on three key issues that relate directly to growth in Clemson:

  • Inclusivity, or who gets to live and participate in a community;

  • Resiliency, or how adaptive a community’s economy is to changing circumstances; and

  • Place, which is about whether the built places and spaces in a community support a high quality of life.

The process will ask why growth is occurring, how it is impacting Clemson, what the community wants to be in the future, and what land use and development policies are needed to make that happen. The answers to these questions will inform recommendations to City Council about how and where development could be allowed in the future.

The process is about a dialogue between the Planning Team and the community: we need to see the Clemson through your eyes, and help you see Clemson through our eyes as urban planners.

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Make sure your voice is part of this dialogue by watching the project videos below and completing each survey on the ClemsonNEXT website.

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